[China Glass Network] Why are many companies doing little, not doing strong, and doing so soon? There may be many reasons for this, but in many cases there is a problem with the strategy. For enterprises, if there is no strategy, or the strategy is unscientific and unreasonable, it will lead to blind expansion, weak competition, poor implementation, and no growth in growth. How can we formulate a reasonable and effective corporate development strategy?

In China, if the revolution was to save the country at the beginning of the 20th century, then the beginning of the 21st century must be the management of the country. The United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions have proved this in the economic boom of the twentieth century. The arrival of the era of knowledge economy is like a broken bamboo. Knowledge is power, and knowledge that controls knowledge is power. Knowledge of knowledge is the ability to acquire and control knowledge, that is, management knowledge and management skills.

"Junzi Li Hengzhi, Xiaoren Heng Lizhi." Professor Tan Xiaofang, an international strategic management guru, believes that in the face of unpredictable environmental changes, insights into opportunities, opportunities, and time-critical, strategic operations are the key to the success of operators. The experience of survival does not represent the experience of development. Do not cherish the inherent views, attach importance to information, master the law, objectively analyze the state of the enterprise, formulate a clear development strategy, and actively apply it to business operations. Focus on the application of corporate development strategies and tactics, so that a company is no longer an ostrich in the desert, and a department is no longer blindly digging.

The enthusiasm of SMEs and making them a "quick fish" in the market. However, relevant surveys show that the average life expectancy of Chinese SMEs has been shortened from the previous 5 or 7 years to the current 2 or 4 years. Then, why is the life expectancy of SMEs in China shorter and shorter? How can SMEs break through the development bottlenecks encountered in growth? How can we ensure that our company is always growing faster than our competitors? On December 23, 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “China SME Management and Operation Health Survey Report”, which stated that the internal management level of SMEs in China was at the middle and lower reaches in 2009, with an average health index of 6,57, which was in a “sub-health state”.

This conclusion is also the collection of 28,518 quantitative survey data and 68, 068 qualitative survey data of small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on five indicators: enterprise inventory turnover rate, accounts receivable turnover rate, operating profit rate, sales growth rate and profit growth rate. Analyzed. The report determines that the perfect score is 10 points, 8 points or more is healthy, and 5 points or less is unhealthy. Although this evaluation has been dataized, it is also comparatively compared with domestic large enterprises, comparing foreign SMEs, comparing the past of Chinese SMEs. . Many private enterprises, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises in the manufacturing industry, are lacking in money, lack of electricity, lack of people, lack of exports, and lack of humanistic environment. The law of the development of private enterprises in China can be described in one sentence: short life and little growth! The main reason is:

1. Lack of core strategy and development planning;

2. The development of private enterprises is inherently inadequate, the foundation is poor, and the foundation is thin;

3. The company has low technology content, short product chain and low added value;

4. The industrial concentration of enterprises is not high and the government policies are short-term;

5, the market-oriented, low-cost, fast money for the former purpose;

6. Industrial products lack innovation and sustainable development, with high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution;

7. Lack of talents, weak technical skills, and long-term discrimination in industrial access.

The number of domestic SMEs is huge, it has a natural connection with the market, and it is very innovative. However, there are also many innate shortcomings. It is highly vulnerable to various kinds of injuries during the development process. It is difficult to be competitive and unpredictable. The market economy has successfully spread its wings. SMEs are like chicks that have just hatched, and their vitality is fragile. They also face the test of harsh external environment, which is particularly prominent at present. To solve new worries in the growth of SMEs, it is necessary to find new ways to enhance their physical fitness and improve their growth environment.

For example, a major problem facing SMEs nowadays is that the extensive growth that relies solely on “staking a horse” has been difficult to support the long-term development of enterprises, and the same business model has led to fierce competition, and price reduction promotion has often become a weapon for enterprises. In the previous paragraph, at a trade association symposium, a small business owner with a history of nearly ten years asked the author "Mr. Tan, should the company be bigger or stronger first?"

This kind of problem has also caused a lot of people's controversy. It seems that this kind of problem should be a boring category. For SMEs, it is often the scenery that is still years old, neither big nor strong. Is it because I don’t know how to be big? Should it be stronger and affect the development of the company? So, when the author asked the boss, "Have you ever thought about how long it will be the boss in the local area?" The boss shook his head and said, "That's too difficult!" At this point, everyone should see that the boss is missing something? That is the lack of a mentality to do big things or the lack of domineering, even a boss who does not dare to think about a regional boss, but also talk about "strong" and "big"?

Most of China's small and medium-sized enterprises have grown up from small units or small workshops with dozens or even dozens of people. They have the courage and courage to make a career in the market of reform and development. Many years of experience have accumulated a lot of experience and competitive advantages; at the same time, the disadvantages that these enterprises are more prone to are the irregularities and backwardness of the management system, especially relative to modern enterprise systems and management theory.

One of the characteristics of SMEs is weaker strength and less competitive. Therefore, when implementing performance management, it is impossible to ask a professional consulting company to design a plan like a big company, and it is impossible to invest too much time and energy to study and formulate a plan. SMEs are more concerned with things that can bring effective value to enterprises in a short period of time. They often adopt some advanced evaluation methods to “take it”, but they have not noticed how targeted it is.

The second characteristic is that there are fewer people, the organizational structure is simple, the human resources organization is not perfect, the management personnel are scarce, and the relative management jurisdiction is wide. Only a small number of managers can perform performance management, resulting in inefficiency and insufficient Play the functions of all aspects of performance management. What followed was the accelerated turnover of professional managers and a vicious circle.

The third characteristic is the small scale, unique property rights structure and lack of systematic management, resulting in simplification, non-programming and arbitrary phenomenon in performance management. How to use the evaluation results to formulate “employee personal development plan” and “training plan” Deep problems such as "remuneration plan" are also difficult to get attention, resulting in poor performance management.

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