China Fashion (7.22, 0.00, 0.00%) Association held the "2012 China Garment Conference" at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center on November 23-24, 2012.

The China Garment Association held the "2012 China Garment Conference" at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center on November 23-24, 2012. The picture shows Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shandong Shulang Clothing & Accessories Co., Ltd.

Wu Jianmin: Good afternoon, everyone. I listened to the bosses of Lilang, Semir, and Peacebird. I kept listening. Today's parallel meeting is a talent issue. After listening to so many bosses in the afternoon, it has already been very comprehensive. Then I think this talent is really empty. I don’t have computers. I’m not going to be a computer now. I’m not sure. I’m wondering how it’s going to be. I’ve been living in my own free space all these years and I’ve been living in a net, but many people don’t talk and don’t write articles. We really don't know what you are doing. Later, I discovered that the Internet is really not a good thing. I was originally physically and open the webpage. This is because many fans do not return, and I can’t live without others. I’m exhausted and rested for two hours. I didn’t sleep at all. Everything was finished and dark circles were coming. This was an online worm and I was confused. After speaking for a long time, why wouldn’t I want to say it? It’s because I feel that I’ve learned so many things in my studies. I’m really looking at you, and Hu’s comments are very incisive.

I say this. Everybody in Shulang knows that doing this company better from Shandong has re-scrutinized the way I've been through these years. Shu Lang's change in talent is certainly not the same, because time passes by. I feel like I'm still a good company, and sometimes there are many theories that I have to purify before I can share. In the list of behavioral norms and business successes, if you try to interpret the secrets of whether you can succeed, I think you are in trouble. Why? Just use my character, my expression, to express how Shulan has done it, how to achieve the constant temper of the concept of talents, not to fall down in more than 10 years, and continue to experience some not-so-good markets. In the situation, he continues to move forward vigorously. In fact, his essence is the choice of each one of us to walk our own life. This choice is difficult to enjoy more commonalities. What is talent?

After the development of Schlang, he went to Lhasa. There are my direct sales stores all over the country. With so many premise, multi-level and multi-market coverage strategies and strategies are effective. What to do next and continue to develop in Yantai? The answer is necessary. If you leave Yantai, and advocate the respect of traditional culture, corporate culture will instantly make many people feel lost. Because I have already run stores in China, and Beijing has more than 200 malls, I don’t have a market gap. Why do it? That is, if you don’t do this, you will not be able to solve where the talent comes from. How do you have the opportunity? He, how do you have the opportunity to hire him outside, how do you give him, the recognition of talent, the concept of family, a lot of a kind of understanding of the regional culture that he naturally formed, not only you give enough.

Although there is drift north, he is going to take root, and the real talent is to take root, so I make a decision and separate. Simply speaking, Shulang’s separation is the separation of talents. To come here to find material, there is only fortune. You are only in the aspect of talent mechanism construction. How do we get people together, where are they, come into them and see When they arrived, they appreciated each other, the CEOs delivered us, and many of your own ways to experience. In fact, no matter whether it was always taught by old people, the question of talent was, in the final analysis, an open question. Open questions, open up something, open your mind, open up his soul, open his heart, exchange is talent, there is no exchange of command and coordination, organization does not exist, because people are a living thing.

I communicate with you. I use the soul to communicate with you. I use sincerity to communicate with you. I understand what I understand. Decentralize, empower, and bolder, and let go when I go, don’t be the boss, put it boldly. Open your heart.

You think I'm tired of doing seven brands, I'm seven not tired, I'll do seven, the seventh one looks more and more beautiful, first love their own brand, your own children do not like, who likes? Narcissism is the root of success, not to mention narcissism, so why do you want to do this, because after the seven brands came down, many people were talking about me, how did the brand strategy have problems, did you do different qualities, etc. He is stupid, this world, the world that you learn, the consumer goods brands are multi-brand strategies, there is no brand strategy, and the second, the clothes and clothing all over the world are homogenized, you see in China This is Japanese goods. When you arrive in Paris, you are all homogenized and homogenized. When you come to Korea, everything is homogenized. Whoever is different in quality or quality is not tolerable, but people’s wear cannot be changed. In the process, you will get rid of a lot of things. Within a certain period of time it must be homogenous. In the future, you can do it well. When you travel around the world, you will understand. I casually say a few things, you know, and the representative one is to use capital as a lever to change the mother brand. Doing electrons, computers, and medicines are just brands. This is wrong, wrong thinking and theoretical misunderstanding. If you do it seriously, you may do better.

Regarding the talent concept, my point is, I repeat it. In fact, many successful companies, such as Senma, are doing such a good job. They are right. They are bad, they are bad, they are young, they are inappropriate, they are redrawn, they are motivated again. Let’s go from the grassroots level and from the masses to the masses. If it doesn’t go on, talk to everyone and get some activities. So the goal of Shulang is actually not that big. What is my point of view? Shu Lang must play a multi-brand strategy.

Shu Lang's seven brands, my people are foreigners, how to use foreigners? You can't use foreigners now. All of my seven brands are Italian Koreans. Every day, our family is very lively and full of flowers. Korean designers are young girls. They are young and I often play with them. Tsinghua University visited us and was much cleaner than the university. Third, the biggest characteristic of Shulang's business is exceptional stability. At the same time, many of the company's employees are mobile. They are digging the headhunter. Our company has never been dug by headhunters. Do you know why the Shulang people digging can't dig? It's not a talent. Why do you dig him? He's not worth digging. Shu Lang's is not so good. I'm not the first. Why did you dig me? It's not worth digging.

Have you recruited 20,000 graduate students all over the country to recruit workers? If Apple does a little bit of product, it will be a single person. With tens of thousands of R&D personnel worldwide, do you say he is much less? Personally, I think that the characteristics of Shulang are to continue to continuously develop and expand the methods of cultivating talents in the Chinese market, and to create a Chinese team that can stand the beat and have a common culture. Never go with the flow. In a word, the management of Shulang only represents Wu Jianmin. The enterprise theory confirmed in the course of the past ten years is not necessarily suitable for you. Every entrepreneur in China constantly seeks out and creates greatness in the contemporary environment. word. If you don't have this process and don't know what to do next, it doesn't matter. I'll give you a word. You're lucky. Thank you.

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