Cabbeen Lifestyle Art House Spring 2012, changing lines in the spirits Gorgeous collision of large color blocks Happy song Mechanical mechanics of the geometric composition whisper Poetic rhythm co-write a constructivist drama Cabbeen Lifestyle Art House as the theme to draw a The gorgeous grand optimism, the changing space of Op channels, palette - like colors, full of naughty and infinite mystical sense, offers the infinite possibilities and creativity of multiple mashups. All kinds of sports, off the integration of fashion elements, so that casual men mix and match casual work, so that your whole spring comfort natural and vibrant, full of elegant and lively European casual fresh colors. Fashion - gorgeous modern drama Cabbeen Lifestyle Fashion Series , Those exquisite European, passionate, gorgeous exaggerated, dramatic, rendering and extravagant details reveal a few Kampuchea fun, a grand European Romanticism show. Xiao Bian Recommended: Bauhaus Memorial section When Gropius met Margaret Bauhaus founder Gropius's deep gaze through the years, and Otaku best friend pet lizard montage combination, people seem to watch a Magritte Collage made. A complete continuation of Bauhaus modernism of the humanities a single product, showing the ideological sense of humor and ideology. Deconstructionism, post-Bauhaus element sports wind spring mix, cobalt blue sweater leisure activity Ya family - elegant and elegant Cabbeen Lifestyle Ya family, a variety of imaginative hand-painted graphic artistic style flying, elegant Tailoring design highlights the gentle elegance of the genre, with the artistic atmosphere of the sublimation of the fashion outline noble poetic, and all this melt in the post-Bauhaus feast and Opal feast. Tuxedo accordion pleated white shirt, with a gradient sweater cardigan, Parisian classic cardigan on the left bank almost ready, elegant and gentle, poetic beauty and artistic atmosphere. Embroidery collar casual suit, modern and imaginative details. Xiao Bian recommended hot burst - the new op Op Art of visual magic Several different fine arts make the sweater wavy wrinkled texture, jagged twill lines to reflect the essence of op art, visual sense of movement and jumping feeling intriguing . Originality stitch effect, allows the color pattern within the tee looming, sense of humor and mystery overflow. Concept - funky academic high school fun season concept series, in the European style Ya Bifeng into the academic noble taste, conceptual avant-garde design, postmodern fashion vocabulary and Oriental aesthetics fusion, is an artist and trendy intellectuals The choice of taste. Xiao Bian recommended - Houyapi concept hippie intellectual fashion choice This season's most IN single product, Cabbeen Lifestyle Envelope Striped shirt, contrast printing contrast to bring a sense of visual movement, the concept of avant-garde design, stylish academic Noble taste, with white casual shoes and yapi means Caps can be created beyond the scope of children's homes across the bridge tastes refined. When minimalism encounters Oriental Zen. Before and after geometric patterns contrast, avant-garde fashion vocabulary built to create an asymmetrical beauty, its design is quite contemporary white art charm. Knitted narrow-leg pants, instant promotion fashion index wild single product, especially for all kinds of mix and match. Water-resistant zippers and car-free lines stick marks and Other outdoor elements to enhance the sports and leisure means that the texture of its twill knit, very texture.

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