The shining past of the diamond dynasty (2)

On the business side, Harry is also very talented. In the 1950s, he was sent by his father to New York to work with many prominent advertisers on Madison Avenue, known as the center of the US advertising industry. The “4C” standard in the diamond indust

RBB brand children's beauty Seine River landscape

Fashion paradise Paris, France is always the source of outstanding designers creative. RBB brand founder American famous fashion designer ELLEN (Allen) MBA in Paris, France, was deeply attracted by the scenery on both banks of the Seine in Paris. The aesthetically pleasing scenery on both side

Secret in the diamond

The earth's land area is about 140 million square kilometers, while the diamond-bearing kimberlite tube has an average surface area of ​​only 0.05 square kilometers. To get 1 carat (0.2 g) of polished diamonds, you need to excavate 250 tons of ore