Waves and Trends New Forces Play Pretty Girls

Ben Wang March 30th, the retro wave of the 60s returned to the spring trend. Once sweet, Lolita's style is now classic retro. The black dots on the white background, the aloofness of the blue-white dots, the confidence of the white dots on the red background, and the glamour of the gir

How to buy national costumes

National costumes show the characteristics of life of various ethnic groups. In the past, people used to wear national costumes during specific festivals such as celebrations and marriages. However, with the development of the times, the reform of the fashion

Ciel lingerie show female charm curve

CHILIER brand taken from the original intent of the French Cheryl, that is, [who] cherish the profound meaning, expectations of each Qi Lier consumers can - beautiful from now on. Based on ergonomic research, Cheryl's product features cover a full range of ever