How to identify amber

Amber is a resin secreted by thousands of years of coniferous plants. It is buried in the underground and formed by fossils. Due to the precious value of amber, many imitations have appeared on the market. So how do you identify amber?

"Golden jewelry can be catastrophic!"

The woman lied on the side of the road that the little daughter was sick and asked for medical treatment. The woman took the road to the middle-aged and elderly women to seek the way. The gang used the superstition to set up a bureau to defraud the passers-by. This

How to tell if jade is good or bad

The jade is crystal clear and beautiful in shape, and it is a "long object" for people to watch and collect. People are usually willing to collect ancient jade articles, and most of them are collections of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. It is difficult to j

Analysis of the rules of LED indicators in three modes

Indicator status analysis in different operating modes Different operating status LEDs correspond to different lighting rules. If an indicator does not follow the normal rule for a certain period of time, it indicates that the hoist is running abnormally to detect the running status of the

NEWFOUND New Zealand Women's Wear

NEWFOUND New York Women's Wear Autumn 2014 is a very organic season. It is a good time to give women something different. Emphasis on real wear and preheating autumn and winter popular early autumn series, more and more atten