“UMISKY/Beautiful World Brand” Summer 2015 Product Ordering Conference.

Dear, beautiful world family: Hello everybody!

“UMISKY/Beautiful World Brand” Summer 2015 Product Ordering Conference was confirmed to open on November 12, 2014. The time of sales for registered customers was November 11. The order time was November 12-14, 2014, three days. Dynamic ordering is on the 12th and static ordering on the 13th-14th.

In order to facilitate dealers ordering, this ordering meeting will be specially arranged for distributors to place special orders, no longer subject to direct ordering, adopting dynamic ordering models according to the series, the model will appear in series, and the buyer will explain the design of each model one by one. The selling points and the combination of the series give the ordering advice of this series, taking into account the single style, but also taking into account the integrity of the entire series, and more taking into account the final presentation of the goods in the terminal shop and the series of goods, real Selling sex.

In order to facilitate the company to arrange the distribution of customer accommodations in advance, please reply to your customer service supervisor by October 21: your arrival/departure time, number, customer name/sex, number of required rooms and other information.

All employees of Beauty World invite you to open the “2015 Summer UMISKY/Beautiful World Fashion Festival”! On November 12th, 2014, the beautiful world has never been seen!

Umisky beautiful world women's brand joined information link: http://

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