On the afternoon of August 27, 2013, Mr. Sun Quanliang, Chairman of Manuel Slave , Miss Gong Yafeng, Creative Director, Mr. Bruce Lee, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Federation of Cultural Relics and Arts, Miss Yu Wenjin, Miss Wen Jin Media, Belle World Belle Guangdong Division, Experts and others came to Shenzhen Children's Hospital visit leukemia home's children! Miss Sun and Miss Gong for children's wish list draw a perfect full stop for them to send children the long-awaited gift!


曼娅奴董事长爱心之旅 探访深圳白血病患儿

曼娅奴董事长爱心之旅 探访深圳白血病患儿

曼娅奴董事长爱心之旅 探访深圳白血病患儿

In an interview with Shenzhen Radio and Television Group (Shenzhen TV Station) Shenzhen City Channel "the first scene", Mr. Sun Quanliang said: "Charity and public welfare are not just donations and donations. Spiritual love support far outweighs the material can Bring hope and help to our children through this care action hope that we can dedicate our sincere heart to join the team of psychological care volunteers, together with children with leukemia, listen to the inner world of children.

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