Through market research, consumers are afraid to buy dyed pearl jewelry. So, before we buy jewelry, let's take a look at how to identify black pearls.

As a noble and elegant jewellery, pearls are loved by people. The color of the pearl is beautiful, and it is more common in white, pink and light blue, but the most noticeable among the many colors is black. The black pearls are deep and full of mystery, and the rare production is the extraordinary quality of the luxurious atmosphere. It is also a symbol of people's social identity and taste. However, with the general increase in people's consumption levels, the demand for black pearls has increased correspondingly, and a large number of sub-filled counterfeits have emerged endlessly.


According to the city collectors association, black pearls are worth a lot. A round black pearl with a diameter of 8 mm is more than 1,000 yuan. The same dyed pearl costs only 100 yuan. Under such profit, many traders will Light-colored pearls are dyed to make huge profits.

There are several ways to dye pearls. One is to immerse the pearls in a chemical solution through chemical reaction, and then reduce them in strong light to make the color of the pearls black. Second, the beads are dyed and the beads are blackened and implanted. In the pearl shell, it becomes a black pearl; the third is a film coated surface, a thin layer of black gelatin is applied to the surface of the pearl; the fourth is a radiation irradiation, and the pearl is placed under the radiation to form a black color.


So how do you identify dyed pearls? By observing the color and shape of the pearl, it is possible to preliminarily determine its authenticity.

First of all, the natural black pearl color is mostly between light gray and black, the color is natural, and it slowly rotates under the light. It can be seen that the color is changing constantly, and different pearls are different in flash. If the color of several beads is consistent in black, it can be concluded that it is dyed. If you are not sure, you can also use a magnifying glass to observe that the dyed pearls are darker in the black at the hole.

Natural black pearls are not necessarily round. During the formation of pearls, there are often many shapes, such as ovals, pears, irregular shapes, and many others. If the pearl shape you see is round and flawless, it is very likely to be dyed.

It is understood that generally black pearls are mostly produced by larger scallops, so the diameter of the pearls is also larger, and the diameter is rarely less than 9 mm. Therefore, a round black pearl of less than 8 mm is a dyed bead.

In addition, for perforated pearls, it can be identified by looking at the kernel. The natural black pearl has a uniform structure and no core. Pearls dyed with beads are a black core. From the place where the pearl has a hole, you can see it with a 10x magnifying glass.

If through the above methods, it is still impossible to determine the authenticity of the pearl. The small series of China Jewelry Merchants recommends that the pearl be placed under fluorescent light if it is conditional. If it emits red fluorescence, it is a natural pearl, otherwise it is dyed. pearl. If there is no fluorescent lamp, you can use a 20% dilute nitric acid solution on the cotton ball to gently wipe the pearl inconspicuous place. If the pearl is dyed, it will leave black marks on the cotton.

For consumers who purchase black pearl jewelry, special care should be taken. The main component of pearls is calcium carbonate, which is easily deformed by the erosion of sweat, saliva and rain. It is not suitable for sports, outdoor activities and physical labor. In general, freshwater pearls are more resistant to oxidation, while seawater pearls are more popular, but antioxidants are weaker. Black pearls are more likely to be discolored than white and pink pearls, and consumers should wear them carefully.

In summary, the method of identifying black pearls, I believe you have some understanding, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network for more details.

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