If you want to show your femininity, then the skirt can be your best choice. Dresses, skirts, A word skirts, package hip skirts, denim skirt ... ... you want to have. Xiaobian talk about the fishtail skirt today ~ Do not look small skirt a day, compared to pleated skirt slightly ordinary, lotus leaf too immature, the fishtail skirt is girls and women just right combination . Skinny fishtail skirt can highlight the female body curve, so slim waist and propped up hip contrast, from the hip to the legs of the arc full of visual beauty. How to wear fishtail skirt ride it? Karman for your personal demonstration, to help you answer doubts ~

卡蔓 - Carmen

First look at this, Siamese fishtail skirt, put on a pure red jacket, simple but very flavorful. The jacket is best short, so as to show your own lower body curve. If it is just exposed the length of the fish is also a good choice, presumably it is another kind of feel.


The fishtail skirt on the left is the lemon yellow that looks very comfortable. The upper body model is boldly wearing a suspenders, and a short cardigan is worn to reveal the navel and flat lower abdomen. Really charming! With the same style, with a different feeling of giving is also very different, do not believe you see this on the right, the same paragraph black, take an orange primer shirt, jacket with a orange color echoes of the baseball shirt, fish Tail skirt small woman and the neutral blend of baseball shirts, handsome feeling came out.

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