Today's amber market has a large proportion of beeswax, while in beeswax, beeswax engravings occupy the leader, but many friends do not know how to judge the quality of beeswax. For a piece of beeswax, the quality of the process can directly affect the price of the product, such as a good quality material, but the carving is general, then its value may not be as good as a piece of rough, so it is selected When buying wax carvings, its craft is an important condition. The next small series is coming to tell everyone how to judge the quality of the beeswax carving process.


First, the overall layout of the sculpture

The carving process has a long history in our country. There are many genres and different styles, and the carvings are also a reflection of our traditional culture. A good piece of carving, its overall design and layout requirements are very high. The carvings in the north are magnificent, and the layout is also top-notch. The dotted lines are dense, but they are complicated and not complicated, and they are not chaotic. Most of the southern carvings are thin, pay attention to artistic conception and charm. The characteristics of our current beeswax carving process are not very clear, and most craftsmen will adopt the North-South process fusion.


Second, the theme of carving

Beeswax carving has many themes, different themes will bring different wishes, but there are also many carving themes that are contrary to our cultural traditions. Therefore, when purchasing the carvings, we must pay attention to the engraving content of it, is it suitable for us to wear. There are many beeswax carving workshops. In order to save the cost, we don't hire professional designers. It is just a design that only has a few years of experience in carving, so there is no product meaning at all.

Therefore, when we are purchasing the carvings, we must carefully identify them, and whether they can bring together advantages in the layout.

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