Difficult to dress in early autumn, but the body of women in Xiangyang, Hunan Fancheng friends do not seem to have such trouble. Because, Chu Court TRUGIRL Hubei Xiangyang City Fancheng Chu Pavilion collection shop has officially opened. New store opened, Chu Court (International) Fashion Fall 2014 new products have also been on the shelves, in front of the glass window has been shown the latest autumn season, welcome to buy!


New store image design style throughout the TR Pavilion brand TRUGIRL promote fashion, sophisticated, modern concept. And fusion of French romanticism style of decoration, fresh and graceful style, for every consumer to provide a luxurious and comfortable shopping environment.


New store opened, a lot of new products, a lot of surprises. Like Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL women 's friends, you can leave your spare time and friends into the store to buy their own new autumn and winter wear. Jean Chu Court TRUGIRL fashion, hold up a new fashion world for you.


At the same time, Chu Court TRUGIRL in order to seek better development, is still still for the country to carry out investment. Do not know if you are the next TRUGIRL partner? Chu Court TRUGIRL invite you to join, I hope you will be able to walk into the TRUGIRL Chu family, with the growth of brand enterprises.

Address: Fancheng District, Xiangyang Fan Intime Department Store Chuge third floor counters

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