Autumn weather after the trend of cold, but it does not mean the heat away from us, the temperature actually will rise, just as overbearing as a tiger, so there is the autumn tiger this call, then if Autumn tiger coming, how should we dress with cool and stylish? Xiaobian support for everyone following the move, come and see it!


White chiffon shirt fresh and generous, printing elements to join the white chiffon shirt more eye-catching fashion, with a black skirt to wear, ladylike sweet and stylish, easy to help you deal with autumn tiger.


Too lazy to spend every day in the match with the MM can choose to dress directly with the dress, such as this picture on the good, bright yellow eyes steal steal the spotlight and full of vitality, in the hot weather to bring you a touch of bright colors, Break the sense of boring, A word skirt well modified legs curve, coupled with the length of the knee 10cm design, was significantly thin and so easy!


If you do not like dresses it does not matter, pants with the same cool fashion can be, the model on the map is a good model. Peppermint Green Pants grab eyes steal clear and neat refreshing, with printed chiffon tops to wear, add a bit neat in the soft and romantic, make you more stylish steal the spotlight. (Photo source: ice pleasant women )

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