Wear high heels as a means to make women look upright and elegant, has been recognized by women around the world. However, a normal person walks on average about 8000 steps per day, and the pressure on the foot when walking is about equal to his own weight, and he reaches 3 to 4 times of his weight when running. A person's life will take about 110,000 kilometers of road, most of them still walk on a hard road. Then wearing high heels has a lot of harm, recently scientists found that: high heels may even be suffering from schizophrenia "culprit."

High-heeled shoes development six hundred years history

As early as the beginning of the 15th century, high-heeled shoes began to appear, but it was only a slightly heel-high design, so that the horses can be fastened with both feet when riding. However, high-heeled shoes do not immediately rise 3 inches high on the ground. Its height began in the 16th century and gradually gradually increased. High-heeled shoes were first introduced in France, when men were the earliest wearers, and women hadn’t started wearing high-heeled shoes.

At the end of the 16th century, high-heeled shoes became the nobility of the nobility. It is said that the short-minded Louis XIV had to be more confident and authoritative. Therefore, the shoemaker had to install 4 pairs of men's shoes on his shoes.岢珊焐?允酒渥鸸笊矸荨5混? 7th century high heels began to become an important element of men's and women's fashion.

In the Middle Ages, due to the dense population, people smashed horses and dung in the street. Therefore, high-heeled shoes were of practical value. Although the soles of the feet were several inches apart, they seemed to be a lot cleaner. By the middle of the 17th century, the true sense of high-heeled shoes was only available.

The most important period in the history of high heels, the early high-heeled shoes due to shoe-making techniques and the use of materials, the heel can only create a funnel-shaped, that is, the heel began to narrow from the bottom of the shoe, to the bottom and then expand. Although the heel can be developed into straight, it still lacks line beauty. Until the steel nail technology in the 1950s reformed high-heeled shoes, designers could design a pointed heel that this lady loves and hates. When Marilyn Monroe made her famous for wearing metal slender high heel shoes designed by Salvatore Ferragamo, it's no wonder that she once said: "Although I don't know who first invented high-heeled shoes, all women should thank him. My business has great help."

Wearing a high-heeled shoe to increase the risk of schizophrenia Young girls mostly like to wear high-heeled shoes, and in order to make their feet look smaller, they also love to buy trumpet shoes, so that the feet can suffer. And the foot is called the second heart, to the whole body

Blood circulation plays an important role. Blood flowing from the heart is returned to the heart by walking and other foot movements.

The human body's spine is on a pelvis that leans forward by 30° and consists of about 30 unstable bones piled together. From the bottom to the top, the spine is also called the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and cervical spine. Too high a heel causes the body center of gravity to move too far forward, and the weight of the body is excessively moved to the forefoot, causing the toes to be squeezed to affect the blood circulation; when walking, the normal posture is changed, the waist is too straight, the buttocks are protruding, and Increase the anteversion of the pelvis.

And after a recent study by a scientist in Sweden, Jar Frensheim Mark said that wearing high-heeled shoes can easily cause mental disorders in people. High-heeled shoes can make people's lower legs become tense, while wearing ordinary shoes does not have such a situation. .

Wearing high heels can make people's calf muscles tense and prevent the secretion of dopamine, a substance that helps relieve brain nerves. The social phenomenon of wearing high heels for a long time can explain why people with schizophrenia are more likely to have a higher probability in the Western social female population.

Heels are also not healthy

The latest findings of American scientists show that even if it is comfortable to wear thick high heels, long-term wear will also cause harm to the human knee joint, and the severity of this injury is almost the same with wearing fine stiletto heels.

The feeling of wearing stilettos for a long time is a little uncomfortable. Women in beauty love to use rough heels, because their stability is much better than that of thin high heels, and even if they are worn all day, there is no discomfort. However, comfort is merely a surface phenomenon, and the wearer is unaware of the high-heeledness of the shoe to the knee.

Cathy Kerry, a professor of physical therapy and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in the United States, wrote an article in the British Medical Journal a few days ago that after testing, the pressure index of knee joints was 26 when wearing thin heeled shoes. twenty two. However, due to the generally long wearing time of the rough heel shoes, the actual pressure on the knee joint is not small, and the excessive knee pressure is one of the most direct causes of arthritis.

High heels height formula

You can wear as many high-heeled shoes as you can, and you will not be afraid to die at any time when you fall over your head or for a while while you sway through the market. Researchers at the British Physical Society recently presented a formula: h=Qx(12+3s/8).

The h in the formula represents the maximum height of the heel in cm. Q represents a social factor. Its value is either 0 or 1, which is determined by a combination of factors such as whether high-heeled shoes will make you look taller, the length of high-heeled shoes, the price of high-heeled shoes, whether high-heeled shoes are fashionable, and whether alcohol has been used before. . S represents the shoe number.

Using this formula, the researchers calculated the heel height of the high heels that Kelly should wear in the TV series “Sex and the City”: When she was awake, wearing a pair of 12.5cm high heels was no problem, but she drank 6 After the cocktail, her heel height should definitely not exceed 2cm.

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