Regardless of the extent of the European economic embarrassment to go, every year at the Paris Women's Week, Milan, do everything possible to release the signal recovery. For the fall and winter of 2012, the entire T-Taiwan calls for the return of orthodox suits, while playing the fabric and accessories, the women's wear elements into the men's design many times, "romantic", "elegant", "gentle" as many Big new series of keynote. Regardless of the high waist line pants, half-length cloak or delicate embroidery grid use, all illustrate the new century gentleman's primary virtue is no longer a passion, but tenderness. Women's wear may be the old tune rebound, but all brands of the same season borrowing women's element-oriented design is indeed a novelty. About a long time neutral wind blowing fashion, men and women have no obvious gender boundaries. Watching Bottega Veneta fancy dress show, the designer Tomas Maier did not hide his fancy details and heel padded favorite. Burberry Prorsum men's suits waist up again, with a word to describe is "narrow!" The Dolce & Gabbana 2012 autumn and winter men's clothing is almost a light version of the male version of gauze: with the elusive "Web" defines a full range of fashion features. Look at the T-shirt, look at the toes, everywhere sharp and delicate grid. Leather jacket, a leather jacket with a Capulet romantic lining through a well-designed grid for a fitted uniform jacket adds a touch of luster. In sports shorts, the net also plays a part of the camouflage grid in flight suits. People naturally think of the designer background lingering Sicilian complex, the network of toughness did not lose the genuine fishing nets ah! Another designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who year-roundly challenged the gender boundaries of men and women, can do well at this Parisian menswear week. He continued his bottom line mix and match style, the gentleman style hat and punk street tough loaded together, and then dresses embellishment. Of course, in addition to dresses, cloaks and cape elements also in 2012 two big men's Week autumn and winter shine. For example, Mugler launched a PVC half-cloak and jacket design combined, sharp contrast bright spots. Sleeve similar cloak sleeve design only to create a sense of asymmetry humor. And usually the most advanced women's favorite custom embroidery is also frequently used in this season's men's clothing. Take for example Christian Lacroix Homme on the first day of the 2012 Paris Men's Week opening, the first surprise of Christian Lacroix's apprentice, Sacha Walckhoff, was inspired by centuries-old costumes and to create their own New design. The stitching at the bottom of the shirt, at first glance, resembles the girdle of the Parisian courtesan with a dazzling pattern on the hoodie suit. Sacha explains abstractly, "We look at the past, but in an absolutely modern light." In short, Christian Lacroix is ​​"the old revival of the old." But the crosses on those shirts, decorative prints, vintage insignia and gold embroidery all remind us of the heyday of Christian Lacroix Haute Couture. Dress changes in accordance with the general theory of fashion economics, economic depression, the more sold the better the suit. But everyone wants to look more professional does not represent the traditional boring "three-piece" return. Men's design in the highly realistic wear and sexy fashion between the most difficult to grasp the standard, and several big names this season have demonstrated their profound knowledge of fabric, silhouette and color, the suits played a soul-stirring. For example, John Lawrence Sullivan put daring unruly colors into suits properly this season. Japanese designer Yanagawa Liu uses sapphire, blue and green, lake blue, purple and gold to exquisite cut and luxurious texture of velvet, silk and other high-end fabrics, based on the traditional British style, to create a lively and beautiful mature man side. And my personal favorite, Christopher Bailey, also made the 2012 Burberry Prorsum Fall / Winter Men's Show a "Gentle Gentleman". Personal tailoring is still the focus of this design, double-breasted coat, neat lines suit, narrow tube pants reflect this concept. However, Bailey clever use of distinctive levels and childlike accessories smash the old school Parker trench coat, trench coat, knit shape skeleton of all decadent. He abandoned the static "advanced gray", with bright color windbreaker and knit with the fun of the umbrella, printed pattern gloves and contemporary retro handbag. In addition to the dotted neckties, cap, rivets and other pretty accessories, Burberry Prorsum also appeared on the shirt and sweater owl, fox and other animal patterns, the traditional square into a new Donegal (donegal) tweed lattice, let Dressed out innumerable possibilities. Another gentle and shocking low-key show from Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton designed the 2012 autumn and winter men's series. As he served as creative director of the LV since the second series, the applause obtained under pressure does not lose its first series of good and famous. Kangaroo fur collar camel coat, crocodile skin stitching jacket, Russian lamb Boots, with the finishing touch of the East Ying fabric (this fabric is in the suburbs of Tokyo by the UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage" made of place, the need to produce Following the complicated tradition of process procedures, and thus producing only 20 cm a day) highlights the noble sense of modern men's suits. Kim simply replaced with a shirt and suit shirt vest, in order to show the traditional "three-piece" subversion. Of course, I have to mention last year, Milan autumn and winter men's week's biggest winner PRADA. Miuccia Prada rose an extraordinary normal show to a star-studded star party. In the 35-meter red-and-white black and white stretch stage, performing stars include the famous British "wit" Gary Oldman, actor Tim Roth (Tim Roth), Oscar winner Adrian cloth Adrien Brody, many super-caliber actors turn into battle, potential and the same day the Golden Globe PK. Miuccia, a woman intellectual who has long been interested in political games, set the theme as "the royal palace" and "hoping to re-interpret the elements of men's clothing symbolizing power in this intriguing yet informative place." As it turns out, she did a great job. Winter continues PRADA has always been the noble quality and exquisite craftsmanship, sharp lines of clothing tailoring is not assertive. Whether it's a double-breasted suit, astrakhan or collar coat, or a striped jacket, the low-key seventeenth-century gentleman aristocrats the whole show, or the "power man" lobby . Each piece of clothing, from afar, would be considered cotton like artificial or hippocampal wool in Barathea, but after a closer look, the gorgeous baroque motifs, shoes and socks The colors are from African Aboriginal headdress on the pattern. Even limited-edition silk coats also carry aristocrats in the Shakespearean court drama, with models' chest glasses and badges adorning a grim and playful twist of seriousness. Use this to foreshadow an undercurrent, vibrant autumn and winter of 2012, who homes Miuccia?

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