The baby's feet grow fast and the shoes are eliminated quickly, but when buying shoes for children, the same number is often used, and the shoes of different brands are different in size. "I don't even dare to believe in the number on the shoes. I have to take the children to try them myself. Otherwise, I might have to toss them back and change them." Many mothers complained like this. In fact, many parents have been "confusing" with a variety of sizes when they buy shoes for their children. The shoe size standard in the children's shoes market is too chaotic, which really makes many parents have made it difficult.

The country's size standards for shoes stipulate that the manufacturer should mark the shoe size in millimeters, and the number indicated represents the size of the shoe. If the shoe size is marked as 160, it means that the size of this shoe is 160 mm. However, the reporter found that there are currently four or five yards of standard for children's shoes, mostly using French and Chinese codes, as well as US codes and Japanese codes. Some are marked 160/22, 180/24 in the shoes... some are labeled 220, 230... even if the size is the same, the size is different.

According to market researchers from the China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute, the children's shoes market has always been one of the most promising markets in the footwear industry. Children's footwear products have a market capacity of nearly 30 billion yuan per year, and children's shoes will become the next one. The tipping point of the competition for finished shoes. However, the lack of national standards may affect the excellent "money course" of children's shoes enterprises.

It is understood that the current domestic footwear industry in terms of industry standards, children's shoes are roughly divided into leather shoes, sandals and sports shoes. Previously, only children's shoes have national standards, namely QB/T2880-2007 "children's shoes", and children's shoes It has been implemented with reference to the standard GB/T15107-2005 "Tours Shoes" for adult sneakers. Children's leather sandals are currently implemented in accordance with the QB/T2307-1997 standard for adult "skin sandals".

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