Warm congratulations on the " Mirage " brand women strong settled in Fujian Putian Xianyou, and on November 30 grand opening! Into Milagg store, every piece of clothing, each with a group, each display will make you feel the "Mirage" to bring you the surprise and happiness!


In a volatile winter, a wild jacket is essential, if the window is gray, to "MILEAG" shop choose some beautiful colors!


2014 Milagg classic "red black and white" series, let you in the winter more than an elegant and luxurious, less bleak and cold!


Xiao Bian Li Recommended: From the Mulage cloak-style dress, the classic double-sided nylon coat, lamb fur short fur, black and white geometric color contrast dress dress · Several popular elements together attack, shock your vision, what are the reasons Do not like it?


Antibacterial Mask

When putting mask on, place shiny side to face with pleats facing downward. Pull loops over ears, and adjust to tightly cover the nose and mouth (or respirator if combined). If a tighter fit is required, the loops can be twisted before placing over ears.

To remove contaminated mask, avoid touching outer layer of mask or your face. Remove from ears, only touching loops, and immediately put into washer, sterilizer or safe storage.

Clean mask by washing or sterilizing before re-use every time. Sanitize hands immediately after handling contaminated masks each time. Clean after multiple use or if soiled. Discard if damaged or torn.

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