This season, a variety of women's dresses released by the "Dan Shi Li" brand women's clothing presented a unique high-end feeling. The elegance and individuality coexist, leaving the winter with a strong fashion.

优雅中的典型之作 丹时力简洁轻奢系列(图1)

As a typical example of elegance, this element of fur has been repeatedly used in clothing this season. A bit simple and a bit extravagant, with high-waist sheds may be a beautiful winter landscape.

Red fur adds spice, strong and relaxed. The clip design increases the wearability of the garment and adapts to the needs of wearing on multiple occasions, allowing women to freely change their status.

优雅中的典型之作 丹时力简洁轻奢系列(图2)

Natural and elegant, the purple mane exudes a noble atmosphere. As the Queen of England generally exudes a more old and elegant taste. The round neck design is also a little more tender and tender, symbolizing the noble purple this season is still the main color, with ivy stance in the fashion kingdom exudes its own brilliance.

优雅中的典型之作 丹时力简洁轻奢系列(图3)

Dan Shili's clothing is compatible with various trend elements, but in general, it is still the main sweet style, because it is more in line with the petite size of the Asians and the sweet and gentle temperament, whether it is the elegant style of the neighboring little girl or the white lady of the urban lady. Temperament applies. Japanese beauty clothing in the version highlights the slim waist of the Oriental beauty, while the gentle color and intimate cutting so that the overall clothing is fresh and there is no lack of fashion sense, always make people love at first sight.

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